Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sanur 7, Brave Little Bagel


Once, Jesus toast was the thing.  Someone waiting on breakfast goes to spread honey on bread and sees the face of someone’s Christ looking back at them.  It gets into a museum or sold on the internet before it gets stale.
But… all you wanted this morning, was to pick up a quick breakfast at Saturn-Burger.  And, you got an entire story burned black onto the bagel.  Through even the delicious melty cheddar cheese!

Loving Emperor, indeed:  Crush never convicted, since Authorities have always been able to pay him, for favors.  –JD

You think to complain and get your money back, but a roar is already echoing, against the rings themselves it sounds like, when hundreds of people are pushing at the lines in an uproar, that they also want their fifty Earth dollars back.  A wild fizzle and snapping-oil noise suggests the new Saturn Burger BioTech griddles must be going haywire in the kitchen.

And, you thought the complaints about expensive Earth-beef were one thing.  Wait, did the bonus-value-breakfast-bagel just imply that the Master of the Galaxy used to be a man-ho?

Good job, Hunter Rebellion.  Wow.

Next week:  Emperor San’ur Crush reacts to all this bad press! 
Also, Jeremie’s slightly hilarious and incredibly disturbing Tweets continue, on Randitty’s Twitter.

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