Monday, January 31, 2011

Sanur 5, Fun with Tasers


Next stop:  Gallery Place, Chinatown and The Intergalactic Nude Form ™ Center.

It’s been a while since there was any news about the Senate appointments on the Imperial Planet.

While on the METRO, you make a fist and check the weather on your BioPhone, instead.  Looks like another meteor shower will disrupt the Pluto Silvers vs. Venus Rovers game, in galactic-cast.  Blue gel beads just beneath the skin of your wrist to form lines of text and images. Then, a sudden tinge down your arm as a ligament tenses and lifts, dividing the skin’s screen in half.  Your fingers reflex open.  There’s a new tweet, from someone you’d never follow under this vigilant deer-regime:

HunterREB:  The Loving Emperor was tasered once by an ex-girlfriend, in a fight over who should keep her Nude Form :-P

No one… ever talks about the Master of the Galaxy that way?  You look over your shoulder.  Are their undercover watchers?  You never signed up to follow the Hunter Rebellion—how did they even get Twitter accounts in the first place.  So many nervous people are tugging their own shirt sleeves and checking their neighbors, perhaps frantic about the same.  Scrolling your finger back to the weather forecast lower on your forearm confirms that now there’s a vicious blizzard coming.  After that lone act of insurgence, multiplied many times… how many times?  Hundreds?  Thousands, beyond DC even?  It didn’t take long, for the Emperor to react and punish the region…  Depression weights the air, as people all around the train react and fix their sleeves again.  

More snow.  White-out conditions.  If San’ur Crush is this angry, was the Emperor was really tasered once?  Or, maybe the other lingering rumor, since the Senate went deer is true:  the leader of the Hunter Rebellion is hopped up on WhiteBlank.  Hands flare open, at another message.  It’s a response to the impending winter storm.… the Hunter rebel leader finally identifies himself, as a man named Captain Jeremie Dutch.

Evenso, one daring laugh escapes from a crew of don’t-know-better kids chatting loudly about the cool color play on their own wrists, at the back of the train.  This time, you feel it too.  

The Emperor getting tasered for being a perv once upon a time ago is, after all, pretty funny.
For fun, more of Hunter Captain Jeremie’s furious, WhiteBlanked, ‘I can’t believe I lost a Senate majority to friggin deer-people’ revenge tell-all’s about Crush’s past, on Randitty’s Twitter all week long.  So that everyone can enjoy, there will be even more right here on Wednesday and Friday, too.

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