Mo' Stories

As I prepare my first novel manuscript, Randitty is where I feature many shorter fiction stories.  Care to meet them?

Fantasy Fiction
                              - What Inspired Damsel?
  1. The Deranged Were-horse is Back
  2. In Which Grace Still Doesn’t… Get the Whole Were-horse Dealie

Magical Realism 
(The everyday goes wonderfully wrong)

  1. The Shark Wife
  2. Toes, Stripes, Claws

Science Fiction


(Three random words from the dictionary become silly, MacGyver’d short stories)

(I photoshop some stuff… then write stories about it)

  1. Paperclip Wisdom
  2. The Mighty Silverback Paperclip
  3. The Stripey Link Clan
  4. The Origin of Office Supplies Species
  5. Paperclip Savers are Environmentalists
  6. The Blackest Friday 
Please remember to spay, then neuter your paperclips!

Writing Advice


* A star means that the story is still in progress.

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