Witty Links

I love fiction.  I love funny.  In short, I love all things random, witty, and plain fantastic.  Here are some excellent places to read or relax online a while, and get yo' creative on:

My Other Blog

  • As the Tank Cycles is silly place for me to keep track of what honestly does happen to my pet fish on a weekly basis. There's also some practical advice for fellow aquarists-in-love.

Fellow DC Writers
Historically, there has been a lot of creative talent soaring out of and nestling affectionately into Washington, DC--the Nation's Capital is just that kind of profoundly transformative space.  This is my growing collection of who is writing well and right now.
  • The Bethesda Writer's Center is an excellent resource for DC-local writers.  I'd also like to randomly share, that I've visited the University of Iowa before and for some reason the Writer's Center--something about its decor, the energy, the lighting, the wonderful supportive people... feels exactly as it once did to me, to spend time on Iowa's campus.  This completely freaks me out, but it must surely be due to how real a resource this place is, so I definitely love it.
  • J.E. Hunt -  Unleashed his first part of The Whispering Walls series of fiction just last year.  I'm currently reading book one, and Princess Agatha is really starting to grow on me (poor Herrick)!  Look forward to more books in his series, coming soon.  J.E. Hunt is also on Facebook.
  • J.J. Michael -  Writes about spirituality, the metaphysical and paranormal in a fictional context, and has published several books and e-books.  I find her writings and blog to be warm, hopeful and healing.  And, she regularly shares uplifting messages on her Facebook page.

DC Talent
More creative, wonderful folks you’d like to know.

  • Gregory Shapero is a clever designer who consistently spooks and amazes me with his ideas for hilarious professionally photoshopped images and startlingly thorough memory for cult classic movies.  It's wit he puts right to work.  The stuff in Gregory's portfolio is just FUN.  I plan on ordering a case of the Dora/Diego cologne to pass around the next holiday office party.  Great for adults and swanky toddlers!
  • L. Ingram couldn’t possibly be someone I know in real life.  Not at all.

    L crafts some beautiful greeting cards over at Cardallegiance—she’ll be introducing a way to order personalized ones, soon.  And, almost every single time I wear jewelry she’s designed, I get lots of compliments.  This is a talented artist who did well at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, but she also doesn’t mind helping out her fellow fashionistas with affordable jewelry repair.

    Ladies, this is where to go for those lemon yellow-drop pendant earrings I’ve kept for 5+ years (now in more colors).  And, those Holiday-shoe cards everyone at the office loved have their home on ETSY.

Fiction. Nom^10.  These are great places where you can read, or scope out what's coming up next in fantasy fiction online.

I think webcomic artists really embody what it means to be creative and consistently bold, online.
  • I don't know where I'd be without the likes of Brian Clevinger's 8-bit Theater getting me through college, and now he's got so many other hilarious things going on, over at nuklearpower.com.
  • Justin Pierce's Wonderella is laugh-out-loud snarky, and gets me through every Saturday morning.  His tweets are even funnier, by the way.
  • Scott Meyer is great on every other day of the week, when life gets untenable.  He has Basic Instructions for pretty much everything.  It's wonderfully insane.
  • I've been reading Steph Cherrywell for years.  Muertitos was my fav in '08 and now Steph's gettin' Intragalactic on all-a-ya'll.
I've seen some things, and then I've seen some 'thangs' on Youtube.  These folks are so talented, they fall into the 'thangs' category, for sure.
  • Barats and Bereta are a comedy team who are really seeing success, and the high volume of skits they've turned out is delicious if you've got the time.  If they aren't playing Mousemate, then it's a round of Douche-Off, but I will always love seeing Jesus (or was that Leslie?) pwning a poor kid with a red-card.  Either way, I think I've given a sufficient mantage of their work.
  • ItsJustSomeRandomGuy (and Gal) have inspired me to love superheroes and their franchises like I never loved them before, as a kid--and I'd long assumed I was smitten enough.  For instance, when I couldn't stand Twilight, they made the generational translation pretty clear for me.  Then, the Green Goblin singing 'Summertime and the livin' is easy...' (was that version from Porgy and Bess?) is something I can't ever forget.
And there shall be mo' and mo' added to this list, as I find it.  If you know of anything, please feel free to share it!