Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sanur 6, Troubles in your Bubbles


It’s finally hump-day.  Time to shut the bathroom curtains and forget about what, thankfully, is a warm Falcene winter compared to Earth’s present Emperor-induced second Ice Age, and then relax.  Definitely relax, when the galactic news has been so bad, all week. 

That brand new, deep blue BioTech bath tub, is finally getting broken in tonight.  Shedding all that reminds you of work, even the radio station that warns a Noreaster is coming to the West Cost because of a certain Rebel Leader’s maniacal tweeting… that gets turned off.  In fact, blow out the candles.  Lay head back.  Let the lavender rise, empurple the ceiling, drift…

The hope, was to only open eyes for a moment, check how nice the water is.  But there is a definite message in the tiny bubbles riddling through pores in the blue-black tub.

It’s more than filching the family jewels: 217 reports of identity theft, 35 larceny cases and Galactic Interpol blackmailed. –JD

How… did the Hunter Rebellion… find out about secret, soothing hump day scrubby-time?!

More on Friday… Jeremie’s got crazed, WhiteBlank induced Tweets everyday this week, on Randitty’s Twitter.

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